My time at The Boys and Girls Clubs of the Northtowns (BGCNT) was a great learning experience. After completing internships in the newspaper and grocery industries it was very interesting to learn how a not-for-profit operates. I am glad that I pursued internships in three very different types of organizations, it has given a good feel of what types of jobs and companies are out there.

Besides assisting with day-to-day marketing related tasks, I primarily spent my time in the Development Office working on a comprehensive social media plan. Prior to my arrival BGCNT did not have a social media plan in place. They had over 17 different Facebook accounts which all delivered different messages with different branding. I worked with the Development Office to design a plan that would help them deliver consistent messages to all of their fans on Facebook. This was a very challenging task and I faced a lot of obstacles, however it was a tremendous learning experience. I was very satisfied with my completed social media proposals and am glad I got to assist in making a difference to the company.

Looking back at my goal statement I said that I wanted to gain more experience creating content for social media, and I definitely succeed that goal!