Although it was a late start, I finally got to break my new shoes in at TownSquare Media. It is very intimidating at first, when you walk in the DJ’s are On-Air and starring at you until you turn the corner and walk up to your desk. I met nearly 30 people in just the first week. It was incredibly hard remembering all of their names and it sure took them a long time to remember mine as well. My boss Dean is a very cool guy, as well as a very busy guy. He is always in and out of the office and always has a million of things to do. I am able to post content on the blog and Facebook sites. I would ask Dean to proofread for me before I posted any content or typed up a prize sheet.  After the first week, however, he trusted me and did not need to proof anything anymore. Although he still looks at it after from time to time to give me constructive feedback. I can tell I am going to learn a lot here and am very excited.