Trellis Marketing is a small agency advertising agency, their specialties include video production, branding, web site design and more. I got my own laptop and small office. After I set up all the applications on the laptop I got right to work, my supervisor gave me a project to develop a logo for Senior TV. It was a very nice work environment, I got to listen to music and everyone was quite friendly. Tomorrow I will be spending a whole day there and I already have anther project to help out with. We are creating a small info graphic illustrating why to clients why it is so important to build their brand.

I was given this “beloved brands” article to read and now have to highlight key facts on a 5×7 card (and stay within the Trellis color scheme and feel) I’m already getting a feel for what it is like to be a real world designer. Branding is a huge aspect of graphic design and very useful knowledge. My supervisor says they are swamped with work lately, lucky me. More design work.