Being my second internship, the days leading up to my first week at the Zenger Group were spent at ease. The interview had gone smoothly, and I had met the people I was going work with, so the uncertainties were few, and the anxieties, nonexistent.

My first day was spent shadowing – watching my supervisor as he explained his workflow, placing files, naming folders, creating pdf’s and printing proofs. The world of actual print production was very new, but not too hard to understand. From what I could tell, all the classes I had taken so far had prepared me thoroughly for a job in this industry.

Day two came and it was already time to roll up my sleeves. I was given an account with a big local sports team, and although it was nothing more than formatting type, it wasn’t boring in the least. My time spent at Zenger flies, and I look forward to the rest of the semester.