I’ve been at Buffalo Spree Publishing for two weeks now, and I seem to be settling in nicely. I am very grateful to be receiving real working assignments and not the useless “busy work” interns are sometimes known to do. I have already started working on three stories that will be featured in both the magazine itself, and a newspaper called Forever Young. The atmosphere in the office is wonderful, the staff is warm and welcoming, and the decor radiates inspiration. My hope is that this internship will get my foot in the right door, with some exceptional portfolio pieces.
I’m also very excited to do some video work for the website. Last semester I created several video pieces for a journalism class, and discovered how much I enjoyed the processes of shooting and editing. There’s nothing more rewarding than having those long hours of editing clips shape into a well rounded video. Alongside my internship, I will also be creating short business videos for channel 2; this is a very important semester for me.
Juggling this internship, six classes, and a job has really helped me develop great time management skills. With deadlines popping up left and right, I have to be on top of everything to be sure I don’t fall behind. Although the semester has just begun, my work load is increasingly intimidating, but I’m going to finish my last semester well prepared and on top.