Well, I have completed my internship at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. I have given my supervisor the final edit of the grant proposal that I had to write for the project we were working on. As I finish up this project, I would like to reflect on my experience.
First, I thought that it was a great joy to be involved with something from the ground up. I have never gone through an experience where I developed something without it already having a start. This experience has made me appreciate how much it really takes to develop anything from scratch.
Second, I really liked Roswell Park and the staff that works there. They have a great mission at Roswell and even better people living that mission. Everyone is on the same page and everyone is motivated.
When I had conversations with people, they were all genuinely kind, caring, and interesting. Everyone who I met was extremely interesting and had all sorts of interesting things to say. All in all the experience was great and well worth my time this summer.
I would really like to keep a relationship going with my supervisor; he was a really cool and interesting individual. We meshed very well and I can see us being friends.
As far as the reflection about my time goes, I believe I met my goal, and gained a ton from the internship.
This was a great opportunity and I met some awesome people.  I think that I gained lots of knowledge including how a company is run and how a project is created from scratch, not to mention a ton about biomedical careers, since that was what our project was about. But, I also learned a lot about myself. For example, I hate sitting in a room with a computer in front of my face for four hours of the day. I need to keep myself moving. I also learned that I have to have interpersonal interaction, or I will go crazy…

But all in all it was a great opportunity and I got a ton out of it.

Signing off,

Cody Gould