The interns and Jud at Kiss The Summer Hello 2014!

I have been at my internship for 3 weeks now. In the beginning I was nervous because there was a lot to take in – being in an office and a new job where I didn’t know anybody. I was also excited because I have listened to most of these radio stations since I was little, and doing promotions for them would be, in a sense, cool! After a week or two my nerves to wake up every morning and go there faded away. I noticed that my nerves left as I began to become familiar and more comfortable with the people there. What was making me timid was the fact that most of the people there intimidated me.

Now, I am comfortable at my internship. Many of the people there know me now, and they are all friendly! My supervisor, Sam, is really great and so is the rest of the promotions team. They are all professional and good at their jobs, but know how to make a boring work day fun. But a day in the promotions office is never boring, something is always going on.

In the first two weeks of my internship, I was doing different jobs to help Sam out. Organizing the prizes for remotes, organizing tickets listeners won, and calling listeners. Then, Kiss The Summer Hello was approaching and I started doing preparations. Sam put me in charge of organizing the VIP packages and Meet + Greet envelopes. This job was important because I had to make sure each person got the right passes and the right name was written on each envelope. I organized the VIP envelopes, contest winners, staff, and client envelopes.

Before the show, we had a meeting for the promotions department part timers, interns, and promo assistants. It was interesting to hear people’s stories and to hear just how the behind the scenes of this large show happens.

My main job that day was to be the contest administrator.  It was actually very cool to be on the “other side” of the concert. I am an avid concert goer and it was a nice experience to be working the concert and seeing how it runs. I also had the exciting, but stressful job related to a secret on stage proposal! The radio station, along with Reeds/Jenss, sponsored an onstage proposal during Jason Derulo’s song “Marry Me”. A listener wrote into the radio station  and won the contest to propose to his girlfriend!  Everything ended up going smoothly and she said yes! That was very cool to be a part of!

The highlight of the night for me was seeing all of the performers up close and watching the show behind the stage. The first event was a success, and I look forward to more stories and opportunities I get during my time here!