I can’t believe I actually wrote the title of this blog… “THE END”. Those words seem so scary. I can’t believe I’m wrapping up my third and final internship as an undergrad, as well as my last semester of college.

This semester has been a wonderful experience. Interning at WIVB has been fantastic. I’ve learned a lot, have become even more comfortable in a newsroom, and I’ve gained a lot of confidence in my abilities. The best part of this semester has been the connections I’ve made. I feel like I truly have gained some lifelong mentors at the station and I’ve also made some new friends!

This internship was way more fun than I expected it to be. I feel excited that I might be able to work as a reporter at WIVB some day. That would be a dream come true. I’ve grown a lot this semester. I feel like I wasn’t seen by my colleagues as just another intern. I was given lots of responsibility, I was trusted with important tasks, and I was given a lot of freedom to make the experience whatever I wanted it to be.

I helped cover some really awesome stories, like the police brutality case I’m working on right now. I also got to experience things I never have before, but these experiences are going to be integral to my success as a reporter. A murder scene and a fatal fire doesn’t sound that fun and exciting, and it’s not, necessarily, but it’s nice to know I was trusted enough to be able to handle these things.

I’ve gone out for live shots, I’ve assisted during two blizzards, and I even got to “fly” or “booth” the last half hour of the morning show two times a week. These experiences are so valuable, they will help me get ahead in my career.

Speaking of which, I feel confident that I’ve met some great people who really want to help me start my career. So many people at WIVB have been so generous with their time and their advice. It’s nice to know that although one chapter is ending with these great people, they will still be around to help me launch into the beginning of the next one!