Looking back on my goals, hopes and excitement for my internship, I feel completely satisfied and motivated to move forward with my career. At the beginning of the semester I was excited to delve into my niche of photojournalism and find what I was really passionate about. I think I finally narrowed down what subject I want to focus on and now I just have to find a technical and specific style to develop that subject and topic.

My supervisor helped me realize that this is an important career step but also a crucial time to start defining my photography as a business. One of my major goals of the internship was to be able to get a head start on developing and finalizing my website so I could use it for marketing purposes. I feel confident in my ideas for the website and am ready to tackle it as a summer project. Along with getting tips for my business, Tom gave me experience in the technical aspects of lighting and how to shoot in different scenarios, under pressure and with technical failures. One of my biggest accomplishments in the internship was the ability to overcome and adapt to a technical problem with the light kit that had been set up to photograph portraits.   I was able to  rent out a different light kit, use basic lighting knowledge and keep the consistent look of the portraits, which made me feel confident in the knowledge that I gained.

Lastly, I realized the honest outlook of a career in photojournalism and know what to expect for the reality of making a living off of photography. I’m starting to research how I can incorporate my passion and find a supplementary position or job that will allow me to make a decent living without ever tiring of photography. I’m excited to move forward and am extremely grateful for my opportunities this past semester.