Going into my second internship, I was looking for something a little different than what I had done before. Last semester I interned at a weekly newspaper designing ads and laying out pages. This time, I was hoping to explore another aspect of design. I was matched up with a woman who runs her own successful company, Message Melodies. Kate is an amazing entrepreneur who is ambitious to spread her company to as many people as possible.  A lot of the work I did for Kate was going to reach her clients directly, so I had to apply what I knew of marketing and worked on creating consistent branding across everything. I helped her create Pinterest tutorials, elements for her Etsy shop page, fliers for gift companies, and more. I made sure that someone looking at any of those would recognize the design across everything else. I had never done something so extensive for one particular company or brand, which forced me to think in different ways. I now have something to add to my portfolio that has a variety of components to it. This whole experience couldn’t have been better. I’m so glad I was able to get some experience in a new aspect of design and see my work implemented and used professionally. I’m so proud of what Kate and I were able to accomplish this semester. We took on many projects but completed them all. At our last meeting, Kate said that if she needs any more work or help in the future that she is definitely going to contact me, so this internship has benefited me far beyond school.