I had my informational interview with Sean from Travers Collins. Sean has multiple roles at the agency, from digital/SEO to Account Executive. I found it interesting that Sean went to multiple colleges while finishing his degree, even heading to Florida for part of it. That was comforting to me since it’s so common to hear “I went to this 4-year private school and got a degree in “x”, but his story was different. To know he went through “a journey”, for lack of a better word, to get to where he is today shows that it isn’t always so easy to get a degree and a job. What was most helpful was that he told it like it is. He told me to stop being so narrow-minded about finding a job. He told me it is almost impossible to find that cookie cutter job right off the bat. Sometimes the truth hurts, but hearing it from someone with experience makes it more valuable. I also found it interesting that Sean’s position at Travers Collins was essentially made for him. He came from The Buffalo News and Travers Collins created the position specifically for him. This is why networking is so important, because depending on who you know, someone can always help you out and create a position for you if they know you’re a good person with just the right skills. Overall, I took a lot of good advice out of this interview and it has helped me focus in on applying for jobs.