Originally I was going to interview Simon Holmedal, a motion graphics artist based in the UK. He does the same sort of work that I do and he has been able to work on some pretty amazing projects. The only problem was that I already knew a lot about him from following his work over the years. I decided instead to try and find someone that didn’t do exactly what I was doing but still had relevance. I met the person I interviewed in NYC on a shoot for the Soho Film Festival open. Justin Ho was the second unit camera operator. I came to find out that Justin has a pretty extensive list of works for his age and I wanted to find out more about him. Justin is a camera operator, cinematographer, director, editor, producer, and writer. These are all skills that he picked up at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Justin graduated there in 2012 with a BFA in Film with a concentration in Cinematography. During his time at SVA he wrote and directed eleven short films, many of which received various awards. His short film Enamour was officially selected into the International Filmfest Oldenburg which, at the age of 19, made Justin the youngest filmmaker to have ever been selected. He has had various other official selections into film festivals including his first feature film, Placebo, which went on to win many awards. I felt Justin was a perfect person to interview because he is working in the other side of the industry, the production side, while I am in post. Justin and I spoke about the trials of production and making your own independent film. Another thing with our industry is being able to stay motivated and fulfilled by your work. I asked Justin how he has come to deal with this. As a result of talking with Justin, I will be doing some visual effects for his upcoming feature, Minor Motion Picture.