I attended the PRSSA networking event in the Montante Cultural Center Thursday April 24th. First off, it was weird being in the building since I don’t think I’ve been in there since my freshman year orientation. Funny how now I sat in there as I’m about to graduate and look for jobs. There were two very insightful presentations by Therese and Zach who both went to Canisius College. Both their stories showed that it’s okay to change your mind about what you want to do and what kind of job you wish to have. It seemed like Therese had about 9 different job titles very early on in her career, post graduation. And now she’s Vice President of a company. Zach owned his first business early in his twenties and had it sold by the time he was 26 years old. After their presentations there was time for us to “network” and sit at different tables with different representatives from companies to learn and ask them questions. The biggest thing I took from this experience is what I learned when we asked Therese if communication majors needed to go to graduate school. This is something I’ve been struggling with because I was scared I wouldn’t get a good job if I didn’t have a graduate degree. She informed us it is so much more beneficial for us to get out there and get a job right away and get that first hand experience. I’m so glad that was cleared up for me and that I got to hear how people got to be where they are today in the communication field.