I’ve been at my internship at an ad agency, The Martin Group, for about 4 weeks now.   My supervisor is in the media department, so I have been helping him organize various media materials and schedules. I have been updating templates for schedules to air commercials and schedules for specific clients’ commercials. I have also been on an off-site meeting with a new client to discuss packaging for their products. Another big project I’ve been on for the past week and a half was to call venues that the agency had in mind to hold a marketing presentation that the Martin Group is planning to host. I got in contact with several people at these places to find out pricing. I then passed along all of the information for the boss to look at and make the final decision.

I anticipate being able to master excel, word, and other Microsoft software necessary for office work. I hope to improve my  professional phone skills. In terms of the advertising world, I would like to become familiar with the jargon and lingo associated with the field. Media people in advertising are very valuable in the industry, so I would like to get a head start in this field. I have also talked to someone in the creative department about learning some basic Adobe software. Although I don’t plan on working in the creative side of advertising, these skills will be helpful.