A placement with the Buffalo Sabres brings a lot of pressure.

Working for the company that is both beloved and resented by a majority of the fair city of Buffalo is no small deal. Being a Sabres fan myself didn’t help ease the tension, either.  Add to that the fast-paced and unknown world of broadcast, and you have the recipe for a very nervous intern.

Despite my anxieties, however, the first week went by rather smoothly. After the shock of seeing local celebrities like Rick Jeanneret and Rob Ray up close and casually, it began to feel like any other job. Another intern with almost a year of experience with the Sabres guided me in the hustle and bustle of live broadcast. On my first day, I was cutting and sending game highlights for live broadcast during intermission and post game reports.

Working with real professionals in an environment that doesn’t have time to stop and explain made for a sink-or-swim situation, and I felt like I was succeeding at keeping my head above water.