The time has come.

No teachers to rely on.

No books to tell you what to do.

Just the knowledge our classes have instilled in us.

Our internships have begun.

While this may seem a little over dramatic, this is truly how it felt getting ready on that first day of my internship.  “This is the real world,” just kept running through my head, along with a lot of anticipation and worry, not quite sure what to expect.  I admit, I didn’t believe that something terrible would happen, but the unknown can be scary, and this world of PR and marketing is certainly one I’ve only learned about in classes, never really experienced it in real life.

I am lucky enough to be interning at Neglia Ballet, doing some PR and Marketing for them.  To be completely honest, I chose this avenue of a dance studio/company because I am extremely comfortable in this dance world as a result of my 17 years of ballet experience which includes my current job teaching ballet.  The prospect of throwing myself into the realm of the unknown was a little too much, so being able to choose a venue that would make me feel a little more at home was absolutely ideal.  After deciding to go for this particular venue, I was nervous that the atmosphere would not be as comfortable as I envisioned for myself.  Luckily, after only a few weeks working there, I really believe I made the right choice for my very first internship.

The atmosphere at Neglia is so laid back and those who work there are so close knit and welcoming.  I am already beginning to feel like a part of the family, and honestly it really is a family atmosphere there.  I have come to realize that while yes, this is closer to the real world than I have ever been, I still do have some teachers to rely on.  Not only do I know that any professor at Canisius would be more than willing to give me advice if I were to have a question concerning something happening at my internship, but I also realize that I have a great mentor in my supervisor at Neglia.  She is so encouraging and friendly that I have no reservations about asking her for help or being completely honest about any concerns that I have.

Upon the first day of being at Neglia, my supervisor and I went over the goals for the semester, and we certainly have a lot planned, including sponsorship opportunities, promotion for the upcoming production, as well as organizing an upcoming event.  I have already been given the important responsibility of dealing with potential donors, and already feel a little more confident in my skills.

I am so excited for everything that my internship has to offer me.  Every day has something new and exciting to do and explore, and I have so much that I can learn.  My anxieties are beginning to settle, and my excitement is beginning to rise.  I already know that I am going to leave this internship knowing way more about myself that I do now, and that can only be a good thing.

High school was like riding a tricycle.

College is like riding a bike with training wheels.

It’s time to take those training wheels off to see what we have learned.

Ready or not.

Here we come.