The first thing I noticed about my internship was how radically different it was from anything else I’ve encountered yet. I knew it would be, but it didn’t hit home until I walked through the door. Here at school, I walk into my classroom, and there is always noise. People talking, people laughing. I walked into Trellis Marketing and I heard quiet. The atmosphere was pleasant, but restrained. I looked around instinctively like I do in every new place to find someone I recognize.  I found no one. Another mild surprise was the difference between a teacher and my supervisor. I was used to sitting in class, working through a demo, and then working on my own, with a chatty teacher always ready to help. My supervisor showed me where I would be working, told my what to do first, and then went back to her own work. I’ll admit I was disoriented. I knew it wouldn’t be like school, but it was a bit of a culture shock to just immediately get to work. I managed to shake it off quickly. I’m here to work. The whole reason I wanted an internship was to experience real world situations. And I sure am lucky that I’m getting what I wanted.