After going through the second week of my internship I have a good idea of what I will be doing on the coding side of things. Coding is interesting because, by using command line systems like Terminal, you can really begin to see how computers operate. Interacting with the sever first hand is pretty cool as well. With the package managing program we use, Leiningen, all you have to do is say lein ring server and you will connect to a nearby server. Coming from a DMA student who relies on applications to get by all of the time, you almost feel powerful when you can control a computer’s underbelly like this….

MUHUHUHAHA! SO MUCH POWER!. Well…as much power as being an intern can give you.

As for what I will expect from the programming side of things, my supervisor will basically be giving me problems to solve and he’ll give me three hours to solve them. Basically it’s gonna be like a big detective game except in these mysteries, there’s no big money involved and no one gets hurt. I certainly look forward to it though; it’ll be half of what will make me a better programmer/media student/person.

As for the 3D part with Unity, it is interesting, but I have yet to get a big enough handle on it to make my own golf course. After looking at some references for golf courses and finally getting a true handle on the basic building blocks, I feel I should be ready to build my first golf course today. Fingers crossed.