As my internship is coming to an end, I couldn’t be happier with the experience I’ve gained. Going into my internship at Artvoice, I was excited, but a bit intimidated by the people around me who are professionals in the field I hope to get into. I learned a ton from these people regarding advertising design, as well as working with advertising clients. I had a solid knowledge of InDesign going into it, but I have picked up on some refined skills here and there. Working for hours at a time in one program can immensely improve your skills, and allows you to move through it quickly.


My biggest challenge this semester has been having conflicts with clients. In two instances, the advertisers had strict ideas regarding what they were looking for in an ad, even though I had created successful ads on my own. It was frustrating to not be given creative freedom, but a set of guidelines that weren’t too appealing. I’ve learned to work within restrictions, which is a good skill to have in a field like this.


The best part about my time at Artvoice has been the opportunity to build my portfolio. I am leaving this internship with a number of pieces for my portfolio. I began designing ads, and I eventually added layout to the mix. Now each week that I open up the paper, I see some of my work. Not only do I have multiple designs to add to my portfolio, but they have been published and I can show off work that has been involved with actual companies. I think I got the most out of my internship possible, by taking advantage of opportunities and welcoming a large workload to maximize my productivity.