As an intern at, I recently did two very exciting and different pieces. I have never had a chance to do articles like these before, they were firsts for me as a journalist. I conducted an interview with a well-known rapper, Tech N9ne. I also debuted my own fashion series, that I will be continuing every week until the end of my internship.

I did a phone interview with Tech N9ne. I asked him about how he got started as a rapper, what people should expect at his concert and his advice for aspiring rappers. The article was not only the most viewed article of the week, but Tech N9ne himself tweeted the article. This resulted in 40 retweets, 45 shares on Facebook and over 2,500 views on the website.

View my interview with Tech N9ne here. 

My supervisor asked me to start a weekly fashion series, and he left the topic for the series up to me. The idea I came up with for the series is “hidden gems” in Buffalo. I will  be choosing one store each week to feature and a specific type of product in that store to discuss. The goal for this series is to tell people about some shops in Buffalo they haven’t heard that much about or wouldn’t think to look to for a certain item they may need.

I introduced the series “Passion for Buffalo Fashion” this week with a post about Modern Nostalgia, a boutique on Hertel Avenue. I then focused in on the jewelry featured at the store. Modern Nostalgia has several very different lines of jewelry. Modern Nostalgia’s main collection is the boldest, sparkly and most eye-catching one in their store. Peg’s Hardware re-purposes common hardware items and transforming them into wearable statement pieces. Ziglets Creative Bits is created from scrap leather and new and vintage fabrics. Puravida is a jewelry line from Costa Rica that helps provide full time jobs to local artisans in Costa Rica. I chose this store because I thought it was interesting to see the diverse lines of jewelry the store offers. Modern Nostalgia really has a great selection of styles, making it a good place to go to because there is something for every occasion.

The full post can be viewed here.