Ask anyone that has done an internship, there are countless goals that we all want to achieve before we leave for the semester. Sure, things like building a portfolio or learning a craft are vital, but I find that my number one goal of my internships is to get certain people to remember my name. Making impressions on people in your company is one of the most  important things you can do, because it sets the tone for the rest of your time there. The earlier people know who you are, the earlier you’ll get called on for the best tasks and opportunities.

Take every task given as an opportunity for face-time. If you’re asked to grab coffee for a higher-up, consider yourself lucky. Getting to walk into their office and have a few seconds of interaction gives you a chance to make an impression. So make it count, and keep a smile on your face. Don’t let your time pass with people still calling you “so-and-so’s intern” the whole semester!