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Toward the end of the Fall Semester the Center for Online Learning & Innovation will offer workshops covering the essentials of using D2L.  If you are a new professor at Canisius, or if you have taught at Canisius for awhile but would like to learn or review essentials of D2L, this is an ideal opportunity.

In this training session professors get the very basics of teaching in D2L:

  • Upload files so students can get them.
  • Organize your course content.
  • Set due dates so students can see them (in multiple places.)
  • Build a gradebook.

Later, you’ll discover all sorts of other features useful for teaching your classes, in your particular discipline.  But this session gets you started using D2L and using the internet to save time and effort teaching.  Review the COLI Calendar to see times and locations for these and other training events.