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A week of fantastic opportunities for Faculty Development!  Sessions will be roughly 1 hour, 15 minutes each.  Check back later for additional session descriptions, and dates and times.

See the Faculty Development Resource Calendar for dates and times of individual sessions.

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Sessions will include:

Academic Affairs Q&A

Dr. Sara Morris, Vice-President for Academic Affairs, will be on hand to answer questions faculty have concerning teaching, courses, and coursework during the fall semester.  

Developing a Course Orientation

Develop a dynamic ten-minute orientation for your Fall 2020 course! This companion to the course syllabus can help students get a clear picture of your course policies, routines, assignments and objectives.

Attractive, Interactive Courses Online

Dr. Marya Grande, Professor of Childhood/Special Education.

Learn to embed documents, video, external websites, and interactive resources into your web-based (online, hybrid, or multi-modal) courses.  We will explore several options for creating student-friendly D2L spaces.  

Surveying Our Students

Facilitator: Dr. Jonathan Lawrence, Associate Professor of Religious Studies

In this workshop we will discuss possibilities for surveying students about our course, it’s procedures and operations. These can be helpful early- or mid-semester tools for tuning our classes to help our students stay engaged and keep learning.

Effective Practices for Mentoring Student Writers

Dr. Graham Stowe, Director of the Writing Center, and Assistant Professor of English

In this workshop, we will cover three aspects of writing pedagogy and their relationship to online and hybrid coursework. We will discuss methods of giving feedback to student writers, ways to use short writing assignments, and approaches to building effective assignments for longer papers.

Making Online Learning Work: Best Practices & Learning Menus

Dr. Jennifer Stowe, Director, Literacy Education

The goal of this session is to work together to understand how we can transform our curriculums and pedagogical practices to embrace online education. We will discuss best practices and consider how learning menus can be used to enhance learning, increase engagement, and build community. The panel will conclude with time for attendees to reflect on and share their ideas and questions about online education.

Screencasting for Teaching & Learning

Dr. Mark Gallimore, Director, Center for Online Learning & Innovation

Learn to create web-based screencast videos for mini-lectures, demonstrations, and other communications for your students. Also learn options for creating short video-creation assignments.

D2L Gradebook

In this workshop we explore various ways to use the D2L grades tool to operate a gradebook on the web. This allows professors to record and calculate grades, while providing students with an up-to-date report on how they’re doing in a course. We will also look at how to assess digital files, discussion posts, and quizzes in D2L.

Teaching with Video

Dr. Jonathan O’Brien, Associate Professor of Biology.

Learn to record video for your multi-modal courses! Video can be a great way to asynchronously deliver course content to students, that they can watch on their own time outside of scheduled classtimes.

D2L Tools for Online Quizzes & Exams

Tyler Kron-Piatek, Instructional Technologist, Center for Online Learning & Innovation

Learn to use the Quizzes tool in D2L to build online exams and quizzes. You can build online tests that replace traditional face-to-face exams. Or you can create small worksheet-style “checkup” exercises that help your students get the most from weekly reading or video content. In this workshop, we’ll explore how to build, operate, and grade assessments using the Quizzes tool.

Teaching and Learning with Bouwhuis Library

Lisa Sullivan and Matt Kochan, Librarians, Andrew Bouhwuis Library

Come and join our librarians as they guide you through navigating the library resources and site, requesting resources, library instruction options as well as how to receive research assistance for you and your students.

Work Smarter in Course Management

Dr. Malini Suchak, Associate Professor in Animal Behavior and Conservation

Confusion over deadlines, where to find things, and instructions causes frustration for both students and faculty and can result in a lot of extra time on email trying to sort things out. This session will go over some tips and tricks for organizing your courses on D2L so they are clear, efficient, and easy to use for both faculty and students.