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COLI has a new set of workshops and trainings for faculty and staff in the upcoming Fall Semester. During the next few weeks, we offer many sessions both on campus and online (via web conference):

  • D2L Kickstarter (On campus, OM 115) 10:00am, Tuesday, August 30th
  • Google Drive for Classwork (On campus, OM 115), 3:00pm, Wednesday, August 31st
  • D2L: Gradebook (Online, via Zoom) 4:00pm, Wednesday, August 31st
  • Google Cardboard in the Classroom (On campus, OM 115), 11:00am, Thursday, September 1st
  • D2L: Gradebook (On campus, OM 115) 10:00am, Thursday, September 1st
  • WordPress & Divi Kickstarter (On campus, OM 115) 11:00am, Tuesday, September 6
  • Google Apps Kickstarter (On campus, OM 115) 3:00pm, Wednesday, September 7th
  • Google Drive for Classwork (On campus, OM 115), 10:00am, Tuesday, September 13th
  • D2L: Gradebook (Online, via Zoom) 3:00pm, Wednesday, September 14th

“Kickstarter” sessions are ideal for those who have no little or no experience in a particular application or resource.

Additionally, for faculty interested in teaching online, blended, or hybrid coursework, our Online Course Development Workshop begins on Friday, September 2nd.  

To register for these workshops and training sessions, visit our Training Calendar.

Incidentally, Here’s a quick video and handy checklist for Faculty preparing their courses in D2L for the upcoming semester.  Also, check out our extensive D2L self-paced training resources available for Faculty & Staff.