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D2L has some admittedly complex toolsets. But it also has features that are easy to use and can help you teach, without investing a lot of extra time or effort.

Due Dates

You can enter due dates for assignments, quizzes, or just about anything else into D2L’s Due Date tool, and it will display that date to students in several places. Students can then get notifications for some due dates on their phone.

Web Pages

You can add text directly inside D2L, and avoid the time and trouble of re-uploading .docx files every time you need to change something.

(Incidently, if you already use Google Docs, you can embed them into D2L quite easily, too!)

Short Webcam Videos

Seriously: webcam video, uploaded in D2L and playable by your students, in just a few clicks. Want to add some personal presence to your online course space? It’s easy:

As always, you can find a complete list of short video tutorials in COLI’s D2L Self-Paced Training Center. Your students also have tutorial videos available to them, too, in D2L.