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As you prepare your courses for the Fall 2023 semester you may consider having third-party integrations for textbooks, online activities, or exam tools added to your D2L Course Spaces.

Before you request this, carefully read COLI’s policy on these integrations.

Immediately there are two things you know:

  1. Neither COLI nor ITS can provide you or your students support for these tools or integrations, past integrating them into D2L in accordance with the provider’s instructions. Our policy explains why, but just know that past the link out of D2L, you and your students must rely on the provider for all technology support. You should allow yourself plenty of time to determine that the tools are working, and get specific guarantees that your provider will support you and your students.
  2. Our (COLI and ITS) first priority is the health and reliability of course spaces and tools used by all faculty, and we will reject any tool we think potentially threatens any or all courses.

Plan to request integrations as soon as possible, and at the latest by June 30th, 2023. And read the above-linked policy; it is essential. COLI’s successful implementation of these integrations depends on the process going according to the third-party content providers’ instructions. If it doesn’t (and it occasionally doesn’t), that will mean delays