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You can email students in your class in two ways: within D2L’s classlist, or by using Listprocs. Both are available to faculty teaching in Summer 2020 sessions.

In D2L, you can email your students via the Classlist screen, either by using the “Email Classlist” button or checking boxes next to individual students, and clicking “Email” above the header row.

Email via D2L

Class Listprocs

Listprocs, or automated email lists are created each semester for use by faculty to email their students.  Sending to a single email address effectively sends a particular email to all class members, including students and the professor.

Each semester, listprocs are populated or updated by the first day of class.  Listprocs become unavailable after the last day of Final Exams.  Listprocs for Summer 2020 will become available by May 16th, 2020.

All class listprocs are configured to only accept email from students and instructors associated with that class.

These lists are updated nightly based upon Banner enrollment data.

The format of the list name is: “AAA[A]111B[BB]”

  • Items shown in [brackets] indicate optional characters.
  • AAA[A] = subject code typically 3-letters but there are some 4-letter codes
  • 111 = 3-digit course number (not to be confused with the 5-digit CRN)
  • B[BB] = section code typically 1-letter but there are some 3-letter codes


  1. listproc for Accounting 101 Section A =
  2. listproc for Adolescence Education 534 Section ONL =