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Adobe Flash, a popular technology for streaming video and interactive content, will gradually be phased out of use by Adobe and the major web browsers. If you have any web content that is dependent on Flash, plan to make arrangements to replace or convert it within the next several months. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Jing, a popular screencast application. Jing records video in flash format. Videos created in Jing, hosted anywhere, area already becoming difficult to use, and will be more so in the future. Contact the Center for Online Learning & Innovation to learn about newer and more efficient screencast creation options.
  • Many Jing users uploaded their videos to a free account.  Beginning November 2nd, will begin deleting content from free account spaces that hasn’t been viewed in the past twelve months.  If you have video content hosted at within a course you haven’t taught in the past year, it will likely be deleted.  So be sure to download or otherwise make arrangements to convert that content.
  • If you had videos placed on the web by the Canisius College Media Center outside of Google Drive, they will need to be converted or replaced. New content in MP4 and several other formats can be hosted in Google Drive (as well as D2L, YouTube and other locations.) ITS must phase out old video servers since the technology that powers them is Flash.