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The Code Shop is a weekly informal workshop meeting to enable students and faculty to learn how to use data analytic tools.  This group is initially focusing on using the statistical package R and the Python language to do statistical modeling and work with large data sets.  R and Python both have vast numbers of libraries for graphics, visualization, statistics, mathematics, and other work.  The goal of Code Shop is to develop a pool of people at Canisius who use and understand these tools, to help support all of our efforts in research and business.   There are always “snags” that arise when using complex software systems; a working group of people using the same tools can make it much easier to make progress on a computational problem.

The Code Shop meets weekly to discuss our projects and talk about these languages.  The meetings occasionally include presentations on using R and Python to carry out different tasks, according to the interests and needs of the group.  There is no definite agenda for this working group, other than to develop each other’s ability to effectively use R and/or Python.

All Canisius College students, faculty, and staff are welcome to join our weekly meetings.  Please contact Dr. David Sheets,, if you are interested in joining, and for dates and times of upcoming meetings.