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We are all anxious to learn whether or not our classes will be back on campus for the Fall 2020 semester. But “back on campus” means a variety of different scenarios. What if we must conduct courses online through September? What if COVID-19 surges again in our region, compelling us to be online after November 15th? What if some faculty, and some students, cannot safely come to campus even if most of us can? And of course, Fall 2020 might be completely online altogether. If by the fall, we don’t have a decisive resolution to the crisis, we may have similar questions about Spring 2021.

We do well, then, to prepare to teach online again for some or all of a semester. Unlike in the spring, we have some time to prepare intentionally online courses. In March, helped faculty quickly transition their face-to-face courses to an online, remote format. Now, faculty can turn to COLI’s online teaching resources, that were built to help faculty design, develop, and teach fully online or hybrid courses.

So as professors consider how they’ll teach in the fall, they can find a variety of guides, tutorials, and tools at