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Panopto will soon be easier to access! A new tab for Panopto will be located on your D2L course navbar between the Classlist and My Tools tab. This will make it easier to access all of your videos for that course.

The Panopto dashboard link will be located between the Classlist and My Tools tabs.

You can also easily record and upload videos using the Create button in the upper-left corner.

You can also switch between Panopto Course folders by selecting Browse in the left-hand sidebar and selecting or searching for the course you want to quickly add videos to. Quick tip: Instead of using “All Folders” when using Browse, select “My Folders” to see all of the folders that you have access to.

Note that students will not see the Panopto link in their Course navbars. So if you want students to be able to view videos that are hosted in Panopto, you will still need to add Panopto videos to your D2L course.

View our brief video on using the Panopto Dashboard here. Other tutorials using the Panopto Dashboard (we will have them up soon!), and other Panopto tutorials, can be found by clicking this link.