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Starting next semester, instructors will be able to use Panopto for their courses.

Panopto is a video content management system (CMS) that will be available to you right inside of D2L, without any additional sign-ins on your part. This means that you can record or upload, edit, and curate videos for your courses without needing to leave D2L. This makes Panopto much easier to use than Google Drive or YouTube. Instructors do not have to use a separate program to record videos or go to a different website to upload videos. Also with Panopto, you can insert the video (without jumping through too many hoops) directly into the module or activity so that students see a video player instead of clicking a link.

Panopto has simple editing tools that will allow you to remove portions of your video quickly and painlessly. For those that want more out of the editor, you can also include multiple screens at the same time, other videos from other sources or website pages, and create in-video quizzes. For most users, the web app version of Panopto will be enough. The web version will automatically upload the video to Panopto. Users that want more control over their recordings or users with weak/no internet access can use the desktop version of Panopto. Regardless of whether or not you have internet access, the desktop app will create a video file of your recording on your PC. Otherwise, the desktop app will also try to upload the video to Panopto when you have internet. If you already have videos that you want to re-use or videos recorded using Screencast-o-Matic or other screen-recorder, you can also choose to upload these videos to Panopto through D2L.

Each course will have its own Panopto folder, allowing you to quickly find videos for the course you are in when you access it in D2L. If you want to, you can even get videos from previous versions of the course or other courses and share the videos with the current D2L course.

Stay tuned to the COLI Blog and the Dome for more information on when tutorials and workshops will be available.