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The Center for Online Learning & Innovation (COLI) helps to support faculty and students at a distance. Part of this work involves advocating for unseen audiences. Over 1500 students at Canisius took up the opportunity to learn partially or fully online in the Spring 2016 semester. Though many of these students are located in New York, 37 states and 2 countries were represented in the Spring 2016 online/hybrid student population statistics.

Canisius offers 11 unique online and hybrid degrees and 5 online certificates- all at the graduate level. Not all online and hybrid courses are offered in online programs, however. In fact, there were over 60 online and hybrid courses offered at the undergraduate level in Spring of 2016.

Canisius College Spring 2016 Online Learning Statistics

  • Online and hybrid undergraduate courses: 62
    • Students enrolled in undergraduate online and hybrid courses: 687
  • Online and hybrid grad courses: 145
    • Students enrolled in graduate online and hybrid courses: 888
  • Instructors teaching online and hybrid courses: 132
    • Full-time faculty members teaching online and hybrid courses: 47

Besides working with Graduate Admissions and the Griff Center for Academic Engagement to assist our many online learners, COLI also offers training and support to the many program directors, full-time faculty members and adjunct faculty members teaching online and hybrid courses. 132 instructors taught online in Spring 2016, 47 were full-time faculty members.

Online Learning Trainings

Have you been thinking about moving your course online or hybrid? Or, perhaps you have been teaching online and hybrid for years, and just want to see if there is a way to learn additional skills. COLI offers many workshops and trainings to help you.

This semester COLI will be offering 4 distinct online learning trainings and anyone who is interested can attend:

  • Online Course Development Workshop (6 weeks)
  • ONL Session: Strategies for engaging students online. (1/2 hour)
  • ONL Session: Incorporating the Jesuit IPP in your online course. (1/2 hour)
  • ONL Workshop: Translating your course for the online environment (go hybrid or online). (1/2 day)

Some trainings will be offered virtually and some will feature guest presenters.

Additionally, COLI offers many other trainings relevant to our online instructors, including D2L and Google Apps for Education. Or, you may be interested in participating in our Innovation sessions and events. Click on the image below or here to register for one of the upcoming sessions.

We hope to see you soon!