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Whether it’s simple sign-up sheets, multi-page applications, or survey questionnaires, collecting data using paper forms is costly, time-consuming and, well, just plain hassle.  At Canisius we have a powerful web-based survey and form toolset called Qualtrics. In Qualtrics, it’s easy to quickly create simple surveys or digital collection forms. For those with more complex projects, there are a variety of options to make your form like an intelligent robot, gradually customizing the form for the respondent, based on the respondent’s answers to earlier questions.

This semester COLI offers two trainings for faculty & staff interested in learning (more) about Qualtrics:

Qualtrics Kickstarter: A Brief Overview.  In this Kickstarter, you’ll get a feel for how to find things in Qualtrics and learn some basics for simple surveying or creating online forms.  Whether you simply want to stop using paper sign-up sheets or collecting paper applications, or you plan to go further and learn Qualtrics for extensive social science research, this session will get you started.

Qualtrics Workshop: Smarter Surveys & Forms.  This workshop introduces more advanced features for conducting surveys or gathering data using Qualtrics.  Make smarter forms that adapt to respondents based on their early responses.  Your form can skip irrelevant questions, ask them personalized questions that refer to things they entered earlier, or show them images as part of questions.  Use panels to send personalized invitations and reminders to respondents, and record their participation, whether or not their results are kept anonymous.

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