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If you primarily used Google Drive to create and share documents and files in the past, you should be right at home using Microsoft365 to do much the same.

Microsoft365 (MS365) is a powerful service offered by Microsoft that Canisius College faculty, staff, and students have access to. It includes Office365 (think web-based/online Microsoft Office plus other programs) and OneDrive (cloud-based storage with some Office365 integration).

MS365 is accessible to your students and useful if you are using primarily Microsoft Office products like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. As noted before, MS365 allows you and your students to access online versions of these powerful products. For the most part, the online versions are hardly any different from the ones located on your Desktop. Also useful is if you use PowerPoint to record audio or video. You can do record video or audio right on the Office365 version or upload your PowerPoint to Office365 and share it with your students without losing your recordings.

Plus, there are many other tools that you can integrate into your courses to make them more interactive for students.

If you are interested in an introduction to and navigating around MS365, you can view the following video:

For an introduction to OneDrive, please view this video:

For tutorials (more will be added soon!) and resources on MS365, click here: