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If you issue an Incomplete for students in your class, so that they can complete coursework after the semester’s conclusion, you probably need to ensure that the student has access to your course content in D2L.

D2L classes ordinarily close to students at the end of the semester. To grant further access to students enrolled in a class after the end of the semester, you have two choices:

Adjust the Course End Date

For students, course access is controlled by the Course Start and End Dates. You can easily adjust these, for various reasons. Note that if you change the course start and end dates, you are adjusting the availability of your course for all students, and not simply those with Incomplete status. See our tutorial:

Use the Student-Incomplete Role

You can change any student’s enrollment in your class to Student – Incomplete. This grants individual students access to closed courses. See our tutorial:

Either method is fine, and will probably work for most situations. In both cases, please remember to either revert the course to a closed status again, or change the student role back to Student at the conclusion of any incompletes.