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For those of you using or considering social or collaborative annotation in your courses, hosts web-based events offering tips and training. We find that has a pretty good handle on how various disciplines teach, so their events are worth attending.

Even if you’ve started the semester with online asynchronous discussions, you can swap one or two weeks’ discussion out, in order to try out collaborative annotation. Let your students know it’s an experiment, to solicit their feedback! If you find you need to cancel a classroom discussion, social annotation of a PDF-based document is also a good, fairly lightweight replacement.

Here’s their lineup for March:

Grading Hypothesis-enabled readings

This workshop will walk you through not only how to grade, but the intent and purpose of grading annotations in Hypothesis-enabled readings. 

Using multimedia in annotations

This workshop will walk you through how to add multimedia as annotations, and offer ideas for embedding images and videos.

Creative ways to use social annotation in your courses

In this workshop, our team will lead participants in a discussion about how collaborative annotation with Hypothesis can be used in their particular disciplines and dovetail with their specific teaching and learning objectives.

Using Hypothesis with small groups

This workshop focuses on the options for using Hypothesis in small groups, and it will cover how social annotation can be used to create a more collaborative learning environment.