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In COLI, we’re always on the lookout for resources that are helpful when assessing information we find or that reaches us via the internet.  Although perhaps not foolproof, here are two sites that can help when judging quotes or images we see in places like blogs, memes, or social media generally:

Quote Investigator (  Did some famous person really say that bit of wit, wisdom, or even prejudice?  Investigator Garson O’Toole tries to find out, and blogs at this site.  Here you can read his conclusions, but more importantly his assembled evidence.

Google Images (  By itself, Google Image Search is handy for finding images.  But if you click the little camera icon in the righthand side of the search bar, you can either point to an image on the web via URL, or upload your own image, that acts as the search term.  Google tries its best to find matches for that image.  You could use this, for example, to find out how early an image may have existed on the web.