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There are many reasons why you may find a lecture you planned for the classroom is no longer feasible.  Bad weather might compel you to cancel class. A more serious emergency may mean you and your students cannot meet in class for several days, or even weeks.  Depending on the circumstances, you may or may not have time to prepare, and it pays to prepare ahead of time. Combined with other activities such as asynchronous discussions or project-based learning, recorded lectures can be a great way to continue teaching when classroom meeting is not an option.  Beyond any emergency circumstances you may even find that recording lectures, and assigning them as activities outside of class, affords you more classtime for discussion, active learning exercises, and other activities!

Visit our COLI Guide to Teaching Online, and Faculty Academic Preparedness Site, to see options for easy video recording, hosting videos in Google Drive, and sharing those videos to D2L.  This even includes tips on doing this with PowerPoint, a program you probably already have on your PC. 

For more tips on preparing your face-to-face classes for unforeseen circumstances, visit