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On September 19th, the 2017/2018 Digital Humanities Speaker Series began, with Professor Angela Washko visiting Canisius College from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Washko discussed several of her projects from the past decade, including her latest: The Game: The Game 2.0, a digital dating simulator.  

washkoaudience19SEPTMany Canisius students, faculty, and staff came to hear Washko speak, and then as a group played The Game: The Game.  Washko’s work demonstrates how games can foster critical thinking about issues in social justice.  

Washko’s work is on exhibit this Fall at the Squeaky Wheel Film & Media Center here in Buffalo.  There, you can play The Game: The Game 2.0, and learn about its subject matter and creation.

Stay tuned to our 2017/2018 Digital Humanities Speaker Series page to learn about upcoming speakers!

Special thanks to our friends at The Squeaky Wheel and The Department of Art at the University at Buffalo, and to Angela Washko for coming to Buffalo to share her creation with us!

 Washko Poster