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Mid-terms are right around the corner. There are many tools and features in D2L you can use for your midterms.

D2L Quizzes provide a robust quizzing tool that you can use to grade easier and more quickly. Some features can also be used to help prevent cheating to a degree, like basic question randomization and advanced question randomization. If you want to use questions from a previous exam or quiz, consider using the Question Library to quickly copy questions from a previous quiz or exam to the Mid-term. For faster grading, consider connecting your Mid-term exam directly to the grade book, the tutorial for which is here. Please note that if you allow automatic grading of your exam, D2L does not automatically grade written responses. Written responses will need to be graded manually and you should inform your students that the grade they have immediately after completing the exam is not reflective of their overall exam grade. If you want to see all of the tutorials on the D2L Quiz tool that COLI has compiled, click here.

D2L Dropboxes are a great way to receive student work in various formats, but more notably PDF’s, Various Microsoft Office files, and JPG or PNG. For faster grading, consider attaching the dropbox to the grade book and/or using a D2L Rubric. Also note that D2L will be changing the editor for dropboxes relatively soon, so it is a good idea to get a jump on these new changes by viewing this tutorial for an overview of these changes. For more tutorials on D2L Dropboxes, click on this link. For tutorials on D2L Rubrics, click on this link.

For other tutorials on the various toolsets in D2L that COLI has compiled, click on this link.