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With more and more important files being shared online, some of these files need signatures. In normal circumstances, this was a simple thing to do. Print out (or go to an office with these files pre-printed) the PDF, sign it, scan it, and send it to the intended recipient. Now, however, this seems very tedious and perhaps you don’t own a scanner to scan the PDF and send it to the recipient.

With Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, which all Canisius College faculty and staff should have access to, you can make an electronic signature quickly and easily and then insert that signature in any PDF document that requires a signature. In fact, Adobe Acrobat offers several ways to do this including drawing your signature in the program to scanning in a picture and letting Acrobat create a suitable PNG image from it. This can get rid of the tedium and allow you to more quickly send signed documents to the necessary recipients.