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As we approach the Fall 2022 semester, it’s helpful to review COLI’s take on third-party course content providers. Many textbook and online content providers who require students to authenticate (login) offer integrations with D2L, our learning management system.

However, faculty need to be aware of several things if they elect to use these integrations. To summarize, neither ITS nor COLI can do much to support these past ensuring that the integration is set up in our D2L instance. They vary too widely, and we haven’t the resources to keep up with them all. Moreover, the publishers do not provide us with administrator access to their platforms, so we cannot see what you or your students see. (Often, since we aren’t members of a class, we cannot even enter or test their platforms at all.)

Please review our policy concerning third-party course content providers. If you have questions about this policy, please email us at