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ITS will be preparing the campus computer labs for the next academic year.  To do this efficiently they need your input.  With regard to classroom computers, ITS User Services are starting from a clean slate so any previously installed software may not be available unless it is specifically requested. The goal is to provide faculty and students the software they need for teaching and research. 

Please use the Google form below to review the basic list of software that will be included in the lab builds and submit your requests for additional software before June 10th.  This includes podium computers in classrooms and software in AppsAnywhere.   Requests received after this date may not be able to be accommodated in a timely fashion. 

With the turnover in staff and faculty, and changes in faculty practices during the pandemic era, there is a lot of software out there that is no longer used.  These software builds keep getting bigger and bigger.  If ITS eliminates unused or redundant software, this could save the college significant amounts of money without impacting the quality of a Canisius education. This will also make computers easier for students to navigate.  ITS is going to start evaluating new versions of the computer operating systems (MacOS Monterey and Windows 11) later this year for deployment in 2023 so they need this updated software list in preparation for this task.  

ITS is also going to update a set of web pages with computer and software recommendations for students.  If ITS and COLI know these software needs we can better recommend computer specifications for incoming freshman and current students if they choose to bring a laptop with them to campus.  With these recommendations we can also include a list of software that particular academic programs may need.  

ITS will be expanding the “New Computer” pages in the weeks to come.  This is a great resource for students, staff and faculty to explore options for personal computer purchases and recommendations.  Links to purchase software and hardware for home use are already available and will be expanded based on some of this information.  

Check it out!