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At Canisius, students, faculty, and staff have Google Drive spaces on the web.  This online cloud storage system houses files that are secure but easily shareable.  This is much better than email attachments, since teams of people work with the same files, rather than copies.

This has lots of potential for coursework.  Students can collaborate on group work.  Professors and students can easily share big or specialized files, such as videos, with each other.  An entire class could collaborate on a common document, spreadsheet, or slide deck in real-time, within the classroom.

This week, the Center for Online Learning and Innovation is running two workshops that introduce Google Drive to Canisius employees.

  • Tomorrow, September 27 is our Kickstarter session.  Participants will become familiar with Google Drive, and how they may use it to store, share and collaborate within files on the web.
  • Wednesday, September 28 is our Google Apps Workshop focused on using Google Drive for coursework.  In this session, faculty will try out different ways they might securely share and collect files from students in Google Drive, build class activities around collaboration within Google Docs, and use Google Drive for hosting video content.

Enroll for these and other technology workshops, and browse our self-paced training and social media content in our wiki.


COLI is continually adding Google Drive and Apps tutorials to our new YouTube Channel. And check out our wiki resources focused on Google Apps, for faculty, staff, and students!