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Beginning July 19th, Zoom will require that all meetings you schedule have a passcode, or waiting room.

In Zoom, a passcode is simply an additional security code that is added to the join link. As before, when you share a link with a participant, they click the link and join the meeting. However, if a participant attempts to join the meeting by entering the meeting number into their Zoom app, they will also be prompted to supply the passcode, which can be found (along with the meeting link) in the invitation text.

Another option is a waiting room. For any meetings scheduled or active in your account on July 19th, if they lack either a passcode or waiting room, Zoom will add a waiting room by default. Here’s an explanation for how the Waiting Room feature works in Zoom:

The passcode and meeting room options are selectable when you schedule any meeting in Zoom. You can select either one, or both.

In COLI, if we had to choose a favorite for teaching courses remotely, it would be the waiting room. Students can be told beforehand to expect it, and after a quick scan of all participants, the professor can simply approve all. If students subsequently attempt to join late, the professor can be sure of which students may have missed something said earlier to their arrival.

Zoom has a more comprehensive discussion of this available here: