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Friday, November 3rd, is our next Serious Games Meetup!  This time, it’s a Virtual Reality (VR) exhibit; we’ll be in Lyons 333, beginning at 11:00 AM.  VR is well known for thrill-inducing roller coaster rides and other entertaining experiences.  However, it can also be a powerful tool for immersive and interactive story telling experiences that serve educational purposes.  Attendees will be able to experience VR applications, including games, simulations, and historical recreations.  Digital Media Arts professor P.J. Moskal and his students have been working in VR, and may have some projects to show at the meetup.

Serious Games serves a wide variety of purposes: educational, scientific simulation, healthcare and therapy, personnel training, emergency management, city planning, and politics.  The Serious Games Meetup Group explores learning theories and game design, and conducts workshops for faculty, staff, and students that explore digital and analog game use and creation.  And yes, we play some games, too.