Canisius Campus Ministry: a place where your talents, no matter what they may be, will be given the chance to really, truly, shine brighter than ever.

I’ve found that a HUGE reason people are so weary of becoming active in Campus Ministry is because the idea of Catholicism, or religion in general, intimidates them. And this is a totally fair thought process. As a person who doesn’t identify as Catholic, I totally know where you’re coming from. BUT Canisius Campus Ministry is so much more than Mass or priests or whatever other picture of religion might be in your head. CCM is Social Justice Advocacy, is going out and being Men and Women for Others, is fighting for peace and voicing your opinions, in the end the goal of CCM and all those involved is to change the world. And here are just a few ways we do so:

Through Campus Ministry you are able to travel the world, anywhere from Syracuse, NY to India, to help those who may not be able to help themselves

Through Campus Ministry you are able to explore Buffalo and help those in need through programs such as the Burrito Project, Sandwich Ministry, weekly trips to St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy, and literally a million other opportunities. (Buffalo, NY contains THOUSANDS of non-profit organizations, and Campus Ministry is your ticket to getting involved)

Through Campus Ministry you can dive into experiences you have never even imagined, such as the Ignatian Family Teach-In, where you have the opportunity to travel to Washington, DC and rally for Social Justice on Capitol Hill

And these are just a few ways you can change the world, or at least a single persons world, by getting involved with Campus Ministry.

Don’t let your misconceptions keep you from being a part of something so incredible and so life-changing any longer.

Stop by Campus Ministry today (or tomorrow) (or the next day) (or whenever you’re feeling called to do so) and find out how YOU can get involved.

Be the change!