Wednesday, October 7th, the President of Feminists for Life of America, Serrin Foster, came to Canisius College to present “The Feminists Case Against Abortion”. The event received an outstanding turnout with an audience of about 200 people of all opinions and backgrounds. Foster opened the event with a quote written on the projector screen, “Abortion is the reflection that we have not met the needs of women”. She presented the argument that woman should not feel as though they could not possibly have a child in school, work, home life, or in their busy lives. Our society, our campus, and businesses should offer women the resources they need to be able to have a child. Women often get abortions due to fear. Fear is many times the root that causes woman to feel abortion is their only option. Fear of not being able to support, bear, go to school, work, or emotionally go to term with a pregnancy. Our world must work to change this. WE can start on our campus to change this. Think about it? If you or your partner were to find out you/she were pregnant, what resources does our school offer to make this possible? Do we have housing for pregnant mothers? Maternity leave for students that does not affect credit? Financial support? Day care? If the answer is no any of these questions, what can we do on campus to help? Contact Canisius Students for Life if you would like to come on board to help all pregnant woman feel like their only option ISN’T abortion at Serrin Foster encouraged pro-life and pro-choice students to come together on common ground that women deserve better and should have the resources they need if they were to become pregnant. Foster captivated hearts, motivated minds, and guided students to take a step forward toward ending pregnancy discrimination and supporting pregnant woman.