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Today, more than 46 million people in America are living below the poverty line, far more than the population of our largest state. This is POVERTY USA, our largest state.

One in six Americans currently lives in poverty and even worse one in five children live under the same circumstances. According to the U.S government a family of four lives in poverty is the make less than Twenty-two thousand dollars a year. That’s less than two thousand a month. With such little income and the immediate need to make ends meet there is no time to think about saving for college and getting a job that will help our children get out of poverty converting it into a never-ending cycle.  Also we see senior citizens, military veterans, and young adults who due to poverty and other reasons end up on the streets without shelter, food or love.

Can we really end the poverty cycle? The answer is yes, The Catholic Campaign for human Development and the U.S Conference of Catholic Bishops support and encourages many organizations that support self- sufficiency, improve communities and encourage independence. It is up to us to make a change, to change policies, to help our brothers and sisters in need, and it’s up to us to fight poverty and defend human dignity.

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Come join us tomorrow night, Thursday Oct. 17th at 9pm in BMQ and Palisano.  And raised awareness on poverty and homelessness. And if you want to be involved on a regular basis come by Campus ministry and learn about our service programs such as  Sandwich Ministry, Burrito Project, Habitat for Humanity and St. Luke’s Mission or visit

Build box-shelters and spend the night outside to be in solidarity with the homeless.  


B.Y.O.Box (limited supplies available)

 Learn about service opportunities and justice programming at Canisius from Service and Justice Interns!

 Learn more about Habitat for Humanity!

 Watch The Pursuit of Happyness in the Quad!

 Music will be provided by The Wire and the CrescenDONTS will perform!

 Play the Game of Life and reflect afterward in groups facilitated by CLC leaders!

 Phi Sigma Sigma will serve refreshments provided by Campus Ministry.

 Win prizes throughout the night!

 A prize will be given to the most-represented group!

 Toiletry donations will be collected for Harvest House.

 Contact Ashleigh Maciejewski at with any questions.